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Ameridrives Amerigear SL & SF Series mill spindles connect motors and drive rollers on applications such as levelers where they can accommodate high misalignment due to changes in material thickness. Amerigear couplings (AGMA) provide secure connections between drive motors and gearboxes. Both products are used on a wide array of mill applications including annealing, pickling and coating, and galvanizing lines, levelers, slitters, accumulators, cold forming mills, coilers and uncoilers.

Accumulator Applications


Annealing Lines Applications

Annealing Lines

Coating and Galvanizing Line Applications

Coating & Galvanizing Lines

Coiler and Down Coiler Applications

Coilers and Down Coilers

Cold Forming Applications

Cold Forming

Cranes and Hoists Applications

Cranes & Hoists

Leveler Applications


Pickling Lines Applications

Pickling Lines

Slitter Applications