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    A New Prescription for
    Coupling Stress Relief
    Tri Bushing
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    Unique diaphragm design for high torque density
    and large misalignments.
    Multiple separated diaphragms
    provide a built-in, safety feature.

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    Diaphragm Coupling
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    Turboflex Plus High Performance
    Disc Couplings

    A new series of high performance disc couplings
    designed to meet the stringent requirements
    of today’s turbomachinery market

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    SM Turboflex Plus Couplings
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    Ameridrives Ameriflex® Disconnect
    Coupling for Power Plant

    To meet the application requirements,
    Ameridrives provided a custom-engineered
    Ameriflex RMD (Reduced Moment Disconnect)
    diaphragm coupling.

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    Ameriflex Disconnect Coupling
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    Ameridrives Couplings
    Metals Market Solutions

    Explore coupling solutions for the
    Metal Processing & Metal Producer Markets

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    Solutions for
    the Mining Industry

    Ameridrives Couplings
    are the preferred solution in
    a variety of demanding mining operations.

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    Torsiflex-I Disc Coupling

    Specifically designed for the
    process pump and
    general industrial markets.

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    Torsi-Flex I Coupling

Ameridrives is a pioneering global leader in the design and manufacture of highly-engineered industrial couplings and universal joints.

Ameridrives began manufacturing in 1928. Through the years, Ameridrives has become a pioneer and global leader in advanced coupling technologies that compensate or minimize the effects of unavoidable misalignment and end movement of coupled shafts. Utilizing advanced testing, analysis and manufacturing processes, Ameridrives provides highly-engineered coupling solutions to meet challenging customer requirements.

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