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Universal Joints For Crew Supply Vessels

November 15, 2009
Crew Supply Vessels

Four Model U3265 universal joints serve as the main drive shafts on two models of marine vessels used to ferry crews and supplies to drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Engineers from Ameridrives Power Transmission selected the non-catalogued U3265 series because it provided the required design life with the least amount of weight.

In this application, the drivetrain system is powered by Cummins diesel engines and connects to Hamilton Marine Waterjets through Twin Disc Marine Gears. Shaft systems varied in length from 196 to 240 inches, depending on engine location. Each shaft passed through a watertight bulkhead which required a sealing system to isolate each hull section in case of damage.

The challenging issue in this application was the length of the shafts and the position of the support bearing/bulkhead seal. The complete assembly required marine engineering expertise to select the correct layout and locations of components.

Because of approval requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping, each component was subjected to design review and destructive testing to assure they met established functional parameters.
Americardan 3265 Universal Joint

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  • Peak torque 486,750 lb. in. (55,000 Nm)
  • Long service life in continuous operation
  • Exclusive roller bearings prevent skewing
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