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Ameridrives Modified Amerigear Couplings for Truck Mounted Pumps

May 4, 2017 Amerigear Gear Couplings
Oil and Gas Truck-Mounted Pumps

A leading oil and gas OEM needed a torque-dense disconnect coupling for pumps utilized at hydraulic fracturing sites. The truck-mounted pumps are driven by energy efficient electric motors instead of traditional diesel engines. The coupling is installed between a 5,000 HP motor, turning at 1,800 RPM, and the pump. The coupling allows the pump to be disconnected from the drive motor to prevent drivetrain damage during vehicle transport.

Ameridrives was contacted by the OEM’s consulting engineer to provide a coupling solution. After review of the application, Ameridrives supplied Amerigear FDC flexible gear couplings with a torque rating of 551,000 in.lbs. The flanged-sleeve, doubleengagement disconnect couplings with shifting collars are designed to meet quick connection or disconnection application requirements. Units feature a high-speed synthetic rubber lip seal that allows for disengagement. The 16" dia. couplings have a 6" dia. keyed bore on the motor hub and a 5" dia. keyed bore on the pump hub.

Fully-crowned gear teeth provide operational benefits including maximum loadcarrying capacity with minimum size, maximum reliability and long life. Optimum separation of gear meshes permits high parallel offset capacity.

Amerigear models compensate for all three types of misalignment. Units feature accurately machined medium carbon steel hubs and sleeves. Positive-type O-ring seals keep lubricant in and contaminants out. Seals are enshrouded to prevent damage.

Modified Amerigear Couplings

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  • Flanged-sleeve, double- engagement disconnect couplings
  • 551,000 in.lbs. torque rating
  • 2,000 RPM maximum speed rating
  • Fully-crowned gear teeth provide maximum load- carrying capacity with minimum size
  • Accurately machined medium carbon steel hubs and sleeves
  • High-speed synthetic rubber lip seal allows for disengagement
  • Positive-type O-ring seals
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