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ISRI Nashville is Here! Stop by and See Ameridrives U-Joints & Repair Solutions

April 14, 2023
ISRI 2023

Ameridrives is excited to be attending ISRI 2023 in Nashville, TN! Whether you're looking for U-joints or repair solutions, Ameridrives can help.

Are you attending ISRI 2023! So are we! Stop by booth #1135 to learn more about our advanced coupling technologies and repair services.

Since our founding in 1928, Ameridrives has been a pioneer and global leader in advanced coupling technologies. We understand that metal and auto shredding is a challenging process, with many variables to consider and manage.

Our team of engineers in Erie, Pennsylvania use rigorous testing and analysis to ensure our products are able to meet the ever-changing needs of metal shredding applications. At ISRI 2023, we look forward to demonstrating how our advanced coupling technologies can help you improve your operations now and in the future!

We look forward to connecting with you at booth #1135 at ISRI 2023. Not going to make it to the show this year? Fill out our contact form to connect with one of our team members virtually!

What's New at ISRI This Year? 3-in-1 Solution from Ameridrives, Twiflex, Bibby Turboflex!

This year, we’re proud to introduce a 3-in-1 powertrain package. Featuring an Ameridrives U-joint, a Twiflex Turning Locking Braking system, and a Bibby torque limiter, this comprehensive solution provides an efficient and reliable way to meet the needs of metal shredding applications.

Periflex VN Coupling
  • Our 5000 and 3000 Series Americardan U-Joints included in this package offer superior strength and performance thanks to their unique design. Customizable options are available so customers can order full assemblies or individual components as needed.
  • Twiflex's advanced Turning Locking Braking system (“TLB”) allows precise control over locking forces while providing slow turning speeds when necessary for tight tolerance requirements or space constraints. This system delivers up to 11 times the rated torque of the motor without any additional energy input from an external source.
  • A Bibby Turboflex torque limiter ensures protection from high peak torques, which could otherwise lead to costly damage or downtime due to unexpected events.

By combining these three components into a single solution, customers get the benefit of one powerful powertrain package tailored specifically for your application needs.

Stop by booth #1135 at ISRI 2023 to meet Kurt Hansen – he’ll be on hand to provide virtual demonstrations of this powerful 3-in-1 solution. See first-hand how it can revolutionize your operations today! You can also fill out our contact form to connect with us after the show.

What types of Ameridrives U-Joints Can You Find in Metal and Auto Shredders?

Ameridrives offers one of the most comprehensive lines of drive shafts/universal joints in the industry. We are proud to be the only American manufacturer of large universal joints (up to 1300 mm in diameter), with local sales and engineering support!

While there are many different types of u-joints in shredding applications, our most prominent offerings are our Americardan® 5000 and 3000 Series driveshaft assemblies.

Designed for operation at high misalignment angles up to 15º, these heavy-duty U-joints are a direct connection between the electric prime mover and the shredder rotor (drum) on primary auto (ELV) shredders and scrap shredders.

  • Ideal for applications with diameter restrictions, such as cold mills, 5000 Series catalog sizes range from 225 mm to 860 mm swing diameters, with peak torque capacities up to 5647 kNm. Higher torque, custom designs are available in excess of 1200 mm swing diameter. 
  • Rated for high misalignment angles and available in catalog sizes from 55 mm to 860 mm swing diameters and peak torque capacities up to 3153 kNm, the 3000 Series is available to be customized in excess of 1000 mm swing diameter. Sizes 3440 and larger incorporate a unique inner race design within the bearing package to reduce routine repair costs by approximately 50%.

Key features of both include:

  • High torque designs
  • One-piece yoke, one-piece bearing housing
  • Zero clearance bearing housing retention
  • Multiple rows of precision roller bearings
  • Bearing and seal design resists lubrication loss and contamination
  • Superior materials, tight tolerances proven to reduce vibration levels in rolling mills
  • Axial travel section that compensates for movement of the shredder rotor and variations within the installation
  • Compatible with Ameridrives SafeSet, Shear Groove and Shear Pin overload devices

Did you know? Every Ameridrives solution is customizable! Customers can order full assemblies or single components. This allows customers to tailor the product to their exact specifications ensuring they get the best fit for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf product or a customized solution tailored specifically to your application needs, Ameridrives has the right solution for you. Stop by booth #1135 at ISRI 2023 in Nashville TN to discuss our advanced technologies with business development manager Paul Konkol. Or, contact us virtually!

Did You Know Ameridrives Will Repair ANY Manufacturer’s U-Joint and Driveshaft?

Here at Ameridrives, we’re proud to offer comprehensive repair and rebuild services for all universal joints and driveshafts.

Our experienced technicians provide fast turnaround on all customer U-joint/driveshaft repairs and rebuilds, as well as emergency rebuild services when needed. In addition to repairing our own products, we can repair other manufacturers’ U-joints, too: Koyo®, Maina, Najico™, GWB™ and Morgan Koelling brands, just to name a few.

Why choose Ameridrives for your U-joint/driveshaft repairs?

  • We guarantee our work. Every repair or rebuild is backed by a ‘new’ warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. This means you can trust the quality of our services even in the toughest environments.
  • We provide 24/7 technical support to make sure that any issues with your U-joints and driveshafts are resolved quickly.
  • We understand time is money. That’s why our facility is set up and staffed so that we can provide quick turnaround times while still maintaining high standards of quality control.

If you’re attending ISRI 2023, stop by booth #1135 and speak with Nick Jenkins about our advanced coupling technologies, U-joints, and repair services! Missing the show? Fill out our contact form to connect virtually.

How to Connect with Ameridrives at ISRI in Nashville

If you're attending ISRI 2023 in Nashville, TN, booth #1135 is the place to be! Visit us to learn more about the latest coupling technologies, U-joints, and repair services. Our team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate our 3-in-1 solution combining our U-joints, Twiflex Turning Locking Braking systems, and Bibby torque limiters. You’ll also be able to check out solutions from fellow Regal Rexnord brands Bauer Gear Motor and TB Wood’s.

Whether it's a single component or full assembly you're looking for, we guarantee all work with a warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. Plus, we offer 24/7 technical support – so you know that help is never far away!

ISRI 2023 in Nashville is an exciting event for Ameridrives. We look forward to connecting with customers old and new – stop by booth #1135!

We also invite you to follow us on social media for live updates from the show floor. Follow Ameridrives on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you can't make it to the show but still want to learn more about Ameridrives' products and services, fill out our contact form and one of our team members will be happy to connect with you virtually.

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