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Wastewater Facility Achieves 5-Month Payback Period with Drop-In replacement

June 10, 2024
Wastewater Facility

$136,460 First Year Savings | $29,460 Recurring Savings

A Wastewater Customer in Need

A large municipal wastewater facility manages many complexities and applications, with minimal staff to do so. In the facility, they have Rotating Biological Contactor (RBCs), clarifiers, pumps, sludge tanks, and more, which all require frequent maintenance and monitoring to ensure the plant meets the demands of the community. The customer was looking to replace worn out equipment for their sludge tanks.

The Challenge: Finding Replacement Parts for Sludge Tank

This process is very mature, having been designed and installed decades ago, and many of the components have since been obsoleted. The process is continuous, scraping the bottom of the tank to remove solids and convey it out of the tank, which is then dried and output as fertilizer or waste. Typically, each tank has 3 multi-axis scrapers that require up to 3 output shafts, all with chain drives, motors, and gearboxes running at different speeds. Given the harsh environment of the application, reliability and long-term durability were at the top of the customer’s priority list.

Due to the age of the design and components, the customer was having trouble finding replacement parts. They decided to partner with Regal Rexnord to find a new complete solution for their sludge tank.

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