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Ameridrives remanufactured couplings and U-joints look like new, perform like new and are warrantied like new

Ameridrives Repair & Rebuild Services can refurbish your old, worn couplings and U-joints for substantially less than the cost of a new replacement model. Economical rebuild services are avalable for Ameridrives Ameridisc®, Ameriflex® and Amerigear® high performance, high speed couplings. Repair/rebuild services, including our ER Emergency Repair Program, are available for Ameridrives (and competitior) U-joints/drive shafts.

As a leading global coupling manufacturer, Ameridrives has the teams, facilities, and nearly 100 years of inspection and repair experience to rebuild customer couplings and U-joints as required. Repairs are completed to meet the exacting standards of the original units.

Learn more about the various repair & rebuild programs available at the links below:

U-Joint/Drive Shaft Repair Programs

U-joint and Driveshaft Rebuild Services Learn More 

Coupling Repair Programs

Coupling Rebuild Services Learn More 
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