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Ameridisc® High Performance Disc Couplings | Ameridrives

The Ameridisc® disc coupling was developed using advanced Finite Element Analysis with strain-gage verification in the Ameridrives Test Facility. The result was a coupling with an optimized disc profile that is power dense with a large bore capacity and low reaction loads. A proprietary disc coating is used to help prevent fretting and corrosion further improving coupling performance.

Product Features

  • Over 140 kNm; 1,240,000 
  • Industry leader in power density 
  • Best for reduced moment applications Multi-scalloped,optimized disc profile results in even stress distribution. 
  • Proprietary disc coating to prevent fretting and corrosion. Custom pack fasteners allow for an optimized bolted connection. 
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on all components including discs. 
  • Complete static and dynamic strain gage verification of FEA in Ameridrives Research and Development Laboratory. 
  • Designed for API-671 and ISO 10441 and ATEX compliance. Industry leader in power density and bore capacity. 
  • No lubrication for maintenance free operation. 
  • Discs available in 301 Stainless Steel,Inconel and Monel. 
  • Designed to operate at full ratings simultaneously. 
  • Black oxided,heat treated,alloy steel torque transmitting components are standard. 
  • Improved dynamic balance. Low bending and axial reaction loads. 
  • Marine style and reduced moment designs available. 
  • Capable of being torsionally tuned to suit specific machinery requirements. 
  • Available in 6,8,and 10 bolt arrangements for various torque and misalignment conditions.
  • Customized interface designs are available for unique applications. 
  • Co-planar designs available for increased momentary torque overload protection.
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