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Ameridrives Amerigear SM Series mill spindles are designed for long-lasting performance in heavy-load, continuous-duty applications. The spindles can accommodate high misalignment angles due to the constant change in material thickness, roll size and roll change requirements. Amerigear couplings (AGMA) provide reliable connections between drive motors and gearboxes. Both products are used on a wide range of mill applications including blast furnaces, continuous casters, roughing mills, finishing and temper mills, cold mills, pipe mills, rail cars, transfer tables, coilers and uncoilers, ore and coal conveyors, coke and barrel reclaimers.

Ameridrives AmericardanĀ® 5000 and 3000 Series universal joints are known throughout the industry for their reliable performance in continuous caster applications. Due to superior engineering and mill expertise, Ameridrives U-Joints often replace gear mill spindles on cold mill applications. Units are also are used on multi-stand roughing mills, finishing and temper mills, piercing pipe mills, coilers and down coilers, and rail cars.

Coiler and Down Coiler Applications

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Cold Forming Applications

Cold Mills

Continuous Casters Applications

Continuous Casters

Cranes and Hoists Applications

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Multi-Stand Roughing Mills

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