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Torsiflex-I Disc Couplings


Torsiflex-i disc couplings are specifically designed for process pump and general industrial applications. Torsiflex is an all-metal disc coupling requiring no lubrication which incorporates a plug-in feature to allow installation and removal without disturbing the pump alignment.

  • Standard coupling is fully compliant with the requirements of API 610 / ISO 14691
  • Plug-in spacer design allows installation and removal without disturbing the hubs
  • Inch series hub attachment screws (Metric available upon request)
  • Robust disc pack design allows for greater torque load in a smaller coupling, resulting in lower weight
  • Large bolts for high clamp load, increasing frictional torque load, and reduced bolt bending stress
  • Max bores matched to NEMA motor shafts, resulting in up to 60% weight savings per application
  • Smaller diameter and lower weight per HP provide better inherent balance
  • ATEX compliance is standard — Exll 2GDc135degC(T4)
  • Built-in Anti-Flail Feature
  • Zinc Phosphate coating standard
  • Large hubs available on first two sizes
  • Compliance with API 671 / ISO 10441 is available

    • Torsiflex-i couplings consist of 2 hubs and a factory assembled transmission unit.
    • Installation involves fitting the hubs to the machinery shaft ends, introducing the transmission unit, then securing with the attachment screws
    • MAXIMUM SPEEDS shown are for standard materials. When higher speeds are required please consult Ameridrives Couplings
    • PEAK TORQUE of 1.75 and MOMENTARY TORQUE of 2.7 times the stated ratings are accepted
    • SPARK FREE overload protection is provided as a standard feature on all Torsiflex-i couplings, making them suitable for GAS ZONE environments
    • STANDARD COUPLINGS are designed for general purpose applications and are suitable for the majority of process pump, fan, and compressors applications
    • SPECIAL COUPLING versions available include:
      • Torque overload protection
      • Limited end float
      • Electrical Insulation
      • Bolted adapters suitable for high cyclic torques


    The following standard materials of construction are used in the Torsiflex-i range. Alternative materials are available for special applications and are available on request.

    • Hubs: Carbon Steel
    • Spacers: Carbon Steel
    • Adapters: Carbon Steel
    • Discs: Stainless Steel (301)
    • Bolts: Alloy Steel
    • Nuts: Alloy steel
    • Overload Collars: High strength "non-sparking" material
    • ATEX Approval Certificate No. SIRA 03ATEX205

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