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Ameriloc® hydraulic (HLD) and mechanical (MLD) locking devices are custom engineered for a lightweight,high torque connection between the turbine main shaft and gearbox. Units are domestically manufactured to provide years of trouble-free service in wind turbines rated up to 3 MW. The greatest advantage of the Ameriloc HLD (Hydraulic Locking Devices) is the significant time savings during installation. With larger diameters,such as 20.8 in. (530 mm),the HLD can be tensioned within only a few minutes, compared to several hours required for a mechanical locking device. The hydraulic pump required for assembly can be a stationary unit,but the use of a hydraulic hand pump is also possible for tensioning at difficult-to-reach places such as the turret of a wind turbine. 

The MLD (Mechanical Locking Device) units eliminate the need for keyways or splines,provide unlimited shaft positioning,and feature zero backlash,reduced shaft stress,and high contact pressure for greater torque. The MLD series has the ability to fit into smaller installations while only requiring standard tools to assemble. All units are pre-assembled,ready to install. Torque range up to 4,425,372 ft.lbs. (6,000 kNm). A wide range of possibilities is available with outer diameters up to 57.1 in (1,450 mm),and shaft diameters up to 29.5 in. (750 mm). 

Ameridrives is also offering HTS (Hydraulic Tensioner Systems). These products are all custom engineered for the customer. Modular,light weight design allows for versatile application. HTS can reduce the installation time of mechanical locking devices 80-90%.

Product Features

  • Zero backlash Reduced shaft stress 
  • High contact pressure for greater torque 
  • Easily installed and removed 
  • Elimination of keyways or splines 
  • Unlimited shaft positioning 
  • All units are pre-assembled,ready to install 
  • Torque range from 25 to 4303 ft.lbs. (34to 5,835 kNm) 
  • Outer diameters from 12.5 to 53 in. (320to 1,350 mm ) 
  • Shaft diameters from 6.5 to 29.5 in. (165to 750 mm) 
  • Additional sizes are available upon request
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