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High Speed Shaft Couplings | Ameridrives

Ameridrives provides custom-designed,light weight couplings that are capable of transmitting high torques at high speeds while accepting significant levels of angular,radial and axial misalignment. Units require no lubrication and can be supplied with composite materials for electrical insulation.

Product Features

  • Quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure high reliability 
  • Reduced shaft stress Designed for heavy-duty,industrial applications 
  • High contact pressure provides greater torque 
  • Easy installation and removal using standard tools 
  • Elimination of keyways and splines allow for unlimited shaft positioning 
  • Tight contact prevents contamination in high dust and moisture environments 
  • Pre-assembled,ready to install 
  • Torque range from 25 to 4303 ft.lbs. (34 to 5,835 kNm) 
  • Outer diameters from 12.5 to 53 in. (320 to 1,350 mm ) 
  • Shaft diameters from 6.5 to 29.5 in. (165 to 750 mm) 
  • Additional sizes are available upon request
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