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Ameridrives J-Series Driveshafts for Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps

A leading global manufacturer of pressure pumping equipment for oil and gas applications needed a replacement heavy-duty driveshaft for its 2500 HP diesel-powered frac pump unit. Multiple truck-mounted pump units, connected to a manifold, combine together to force a water, sand and chemical mixture under high pressure into a mile deep 8" diameter drilling pipe. The pressurized gel creates and expands fractures in underground shale formations that allow trapped gas and oil to flow out of the well.

The driveshaft is used to connect the diesel engine’s transmission to a quintiplex positive displacement 4-cylinder pump. The OEM was experiencing reliability and delivery issues with their existing driveshaft, causing costly production delays.

Ameridrives supplied Model J6500 driveshafts with a torque rating of 45,000 Nm (33,188 lb.ft.) to meet the challenging application requirements. Rugged-duty J-Series driveshafts are specifically designed to provide years of reliable performance at tough hydraulic fracturing drill sites around the world. J-Series models withstand extreme environmental conditions including hot and cold temperature swings, snow and rain, and dust and mud.

J-Series units feature Ameridrives’ exclusive Inter-Sealed® splined center section. A wing-style bearing design allows quicker access to the bearings for easy maintenance in the field or at the shop. A one-piece yoke reduces the number of extra bolted connections and serrations to maintain. Ideal loading across the entire bearing surface is achieved as a result of FEA analysis, insuring balanced deflection between the yoke and cross.

All units are designed and built in Ameridrives’ world-class San Marcos, Texas facility conveniently located in proximity to major North and Central America oil and gas shale plays.

Ameridrives J-Series Driveshafts


  • Wing-style bearing design for easy maintenance
  • Exclusive Inter-Sealed® splined center section
  • One-piece yoke
  • Dynamic balanced
  • Made in USA

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