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Ameridrives Couplings Amerigear Class I Gear

Amerigear Class I High Performance Gear couplings with fully crowned gear teeth are designed for higher torque, higher speed, and higher misalignment to accommodate the increased performance demands of modern, rotating equipment. Standard and custom designs are manufactured to precision tolerances to meet weight, size, temperature, speed and misalignment requirements. Higher torque, higher speed, and higher misalignment requirements; this is the trend in rotating mechanical equipment. Let Ameridrives Couplings, first to apply the Fully Crowned Tooth concept to a gear-type coupling in the early 1950's, supply a coupling for your needs. Our engineering know-how in tooth design, material and lube selection, and manufacturing techniques stands ready to serve you. We can supply you with one of our conventional Class I high performance designs, or let us custom-design a coupling for your application.

We have the expertise to design and manufacture the connection you need. If you need to connect two or more pieces of rotating equipment -- contact Ameridrives.

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