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Torsi-Lock Hubs

Ameridrives Torsi-Lock Hubs

Torsi-Lock provides the ease of a slip fit with the power of a shrink fit.

Ameridrives Couplings has responded to industry demand for a cold-install hub that provides the secure torque transmission and balance repeatability of an interference fit. We’ve combined our Ameriloc shaft locking devices with Torsiflex-i to provide a pre-engineered solution that meets the balance requirements of API 610.

    • Cold Install means NO HOT WORK PERMITS, providing added safety and productivity in hazardous environments
    • Easy, repeatable removal and installation
    • Eliminates fretting of hub to shaft
    • Compensates for variances in shaft spacing – slip on and fix in the needed location
    • May be used with keyed or keyless shafts (half key recommended with keyed shafts)
    • Fully pre-engineered solution
      • Correct material selection to prevent permanent shrink of hub to shaft
      • Lightest weight locking device/hub combination selected
      • Hub and locking device balanced and match marked to assure optimum balance performance
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