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U-joint and Driveshaft Rebuild Services

Ameridrives' rebuild and repair facility in Erie, Pennsylvania allows North American mill & shredder operators to significantly reduce downtime.

Metal mill and shredder facilities in North America, with an eye on increasing output while reducing costs and downtime, can send their damaged Ameridrives or competitor U-joints/ drive shafts directly to our facility in Erie, Pennsylvania.

We’re built for speed

We understand that every hour of mill or shredder downtime can cost thousands of dollars. That's why our facility is set up and staffed to provide fast turnaround of all our customer U-joint repairs and rebuilds.

ER Emergency Repair Program

We offer emergency rebuild services for those instances when a U-Joint/drive shaft needs to be repaired within a matter of hours and returned. Our dedicated team of technicians work after hours and over the weekend, if necessary. We hold finished component stock for all common sizes specifically for the mill & shredder industries.

We've had customer trucks waiting in our yard while repairs to a damaged shaft were completed. In a couple cases, the paint was still wet as the repaired U-Joint was loaded on the waiting truck for transport to the customer's location.

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We Repair and Rebuild All Major U-Joint Brands

Due to the extensive experience and knowledge of our technicians, we can repair or rebuild all Ameridrives U-Joints, as well as, major competitor models, including...

  • Koyo ®
  • Maina
  • Najico ™
  • GWB ™
  • Morgan Koelling

Ameridrives Provides Total Rebuild and Retrofit Services

Our comprehensive services include the inspection, remanufacturing and repair of all shafts, spline sections, yokes, flanges, knuckles and journal cross assemblies. We are also able to provide in-house NonDestructive Testing (NDT) of cracks in the yoke, flange, journal cross and spline.

Engineering Ameridrives is a true OEM of a complete line of Universal Joint parts, so we can offer full engineering services to address all your application needs and improve performance.

Repair Program We become your partner to maximize your driveshaft life and performance. Detailed inspection and repair reports let you know exactly what options you have. Comprehensive programs will help reduce overall costs and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Inspection Evaluate the condition of the gears, shafts, bearings and seals during a visual and dimensional inspection.

Bearing Replacement Capable of replacing other manufacturer’s bearings with interchangeable components or retrofitting with a standard Ameridrives bearing assembly package.

Yoke Repair Restore quality of yoke to “Like New” for various OEM yokes.

Spline Repair Fix minor gouges and cracks along length of spline as well as the cap ability to replace completely damaged spline sections.

Welding Re-weld existing flanges, shafts and yokes on any number of reusable pieces of equipment.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Dye penetrant testing for cracks in the yoke, flange, journal cross and spline.

Painting Complete painting of the shaft and joint assembly in any color the user requests.

Lubrication Routine lubrication for shipping and storage (priming) as well as full lubrication for immediate use.

Training Seminars Covers all phases of repair and rebuild in a hands-on program: inspection, teardown, reassembly and testing.

Quality Assurance

From inspection and teardown to reassembly and complete unit testing, each step is planned and executed within the requirements of our Quality Management System.

Rebuilt Ameridrives Units include “Factory New” Warranty

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