Technical Articles
Year of Release Title of Article PDF
1977 A New Wrinkle to Diaphragm Couplings View
1979 Couplings - A User's Point of View View
1984 The Manufacturer's World of Coupling Potential Unbalance View
1985 Custom Designed Couplings View
1986 Disc vs Diaphragm Couplings View
1988 Retrofitting Gear Couplings with Diaphragm Couplings View
1989 Flexible Couplings for Gas Turbine Applications View
1990 Retrofitting Turbomachinery with High Performance Flexible Dry Couplings View
1992 High Performance Flexible Coupling Introduced for Turbomachinery View
1995 Operating Characteristics of High-Performance Diaphragm Couplings View
1996 Metallic Flexible Coupling Service Life and Failure Modes View
1997 High Performance Non-Lubricated Coupling Service Life and Failure Modes View
1998 Mill Spindle Advanced Gear Design View
2006 Spindles Lubrication Discovery on No. 2 RCM at Nucor Steel-Berkeley View
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